Wondering If Your Website Has Quality Backlinks? 6 Efficient SEO Monitoring Tools

SEO standards are constantly changing due to different factors, such as revisions in webmaster guidelines and updates in Google search’s algorithm. These things do not only affect your search ranking but also your overall SEO score.
This means, your work does not stop once you have added the links to your content. You also have to keep track of the response rate of clients to these links. Are they clickable enough? Do they increase the number of traffic you are getting for your site? Are they not broken? These are only a few of the things you need to consider when developing an effective SEO strategy.

How to Ensure Quality of Backlinks

The key to keeping up the value of your links and their impact on your traffic gain is to proactively monitor them. Without sufficient knowledge, the result can be a tad confusing. However, expert digital agencies like us can help you out. Move Ahead Media has gathered the top tools that will help you monitor the quality of your backlinks for an effective backlink strategy you can implement.


Compare results with your competitors and know the SEO Strategy to apply in interlinks to surpass their rating. Ahrefs allows you to analyse reports that scrutinises your traffic results. This checks your organic keywords and weighs in the volume of search for those words. You can try the free version of this tool that allows 10 backlinks and 2 domains per search request. But you should upgrade to a paid subscription if want to see more details like anchor text percentage.

SE Ranking

Using the data from Google webmaster, SE Ranking checks on the links that direct to your site. It examines the quality of the incoming link and evaluates the traffic it brings. You can try the demo from their site before you subscribe. This paid tool also has keyword research, rank tracking, and more. The parameters when analysing links can either be follow-no follow, index-no index, anchor text, Alexa rank, Ahrefs rank, and the likes.


Compare links and traffic sources with your competitors and see what they have that you lack. This tool lets you get the job done for free. Improve your backlink strategy by knowing the statistics of dofollow and nofollow links placed on your site. You can also use this to check for links that are considered internet spam. Aside from this, it also includes social media rankings of your business.

SEO Spyglass

The upside of this tool is that you can check about a thousand links free of charge. However, your result can only be exported when you have the paid version. This doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of its database that has over 15 billion indexed links. You can cross check links with the data available. This is mostly liked because of its big database which has more content than that of Ahref’s, another known SEO tool.

Monitor Backlinks

This is another paid tool that lets you check the ranking of the keywords you used and your domain. It even allows you to reject the links which do not pass the standards. Initially, you can check only ten links before paying for the tool. This also lets you connect with your Google Analytics for real-time reports about your backlinks. This can also notify you if your competitors have added a new link that made significant changes in their traffic.

Open Profiler

Another free tool that you can use is Open Profiler. It gives an instant analysis of the links on your site plus your domain. You can get up to 200, 000 links in every report. It has its database of active links 90 days from the day you check. It analyses the link date, anchor page, and related parameters to ensure that you get the most of the links you have added.

Why Move Ahead Media?

Our experts have an impressive knowledge about how to get backlinks that will match with the marketing strategy you have. We can increase your traffic through research, implementation of an effective backlink strategy, and competitive analysis with your competitors. Work with us today and learn how we can help you prosper tomorrow.
If you want to know more on how you can maximise your usage of backlink checkers, you can always reach out to us at +61 (0)28 003 3921 or leave us an email at info@moveaheadmedia.com.au.

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