Thailand has one of the biggest rental and yacht charter operations in Asia, Isabella Yachts is one of a number of companies that offer yacht charter and boat rental services in Phuket and around the Islands in the South of Thailand. One of her main aims was to be at the top of Google and Dominate the competition over the next 12 months.

Timeline overview

Isabella was passed to me by my partner company Studio BKK, Studio BKK built their website to a high standard and then passed Isabella over to me to discuss the possibility of marketing this brand new website and how to gain new clients.


Month 1

┬áThe initial discussions were relating to the Key performance indicators of the company and what they wanted from an agency such as ours, After around 10-14 days of discussions and planning. Isabella’s key goals for these campaigns was to be on the first page of Google. We had a lengthy discussion about the number of ways that this can be done. SEO and Google AdWords came to the forefront of our conversation. We struck up a deal to work together on a short term basis to begin with so we could show the way we worked and what we do can produce results. A modest SEO and Adwords budget to start with the option to increase.

Month 2

Month two saw the start of all our campaigns, We began working on some SEO terms that had low to medium competition. Initially because the site was a new one and had many different pages we saw slow movement but this was soon to change. In regards to AdWords with the budget starting so low we had set expectations right, the first month saw 13 conversions.

Month 3

This month saw better results within the first months agreed budget rising to 29 conversions and also an improvement on the SEO rankings. The conversion rate for Adwords was still over 10%

Month 4

Again with a slight increase in budget, still sticking to the agreed budget at the start and with some careful optimisation from Stuart in our Adwords team and communication between client and campaign manager we kept the conversion rate at 10% and increased the conversions to 41 for the month, our best to date.

Month 5

December is Isabella’s busiest month and the most important month of the year, with many people travelling to Thailand from all around the world this was a key time to put the business in the eyes of potential clients. After a short discussion, Isabella’s trust in us allowed us to double the budget for December leading to a record 94 conversions. This also saw a conversion rate of 15%. Another record to date

What company says

One of my best clients in terms of the relationship, Since the beginning Isabella has trusted us with the managing of her campaign and listened to what we recommended was the best for her business.

What Client says

We have tried a number of other companies and we finally found a very good one. Since day one there has been fantastic communication and all has been explained in very clear details. Whatever they predicted is happening and we are really happy with all the work they have done in these past few months. Because of the excellent performance, we decided to extend our monthly to a yearly contract with them.

Key Stats

Reduce CPA

Increased Conversions

Conversion Rate Up

Traffic to
the site

Ad Exposure


Since December we have spoken at length about other ways to dominate the market. We have hit record high numbers for Google AdWords, taking advantage of high search volumes, Google Display and ReMarketing. Our SEO efforts have also seen us hit page one for many of the most competitive and highly searched terms. This relationship between Isabella and Move Ahead Media has been built on client trust and results. Moving forward for the rest of 2018 we are not beginning a YouTube campaign as well as looking into Facebook Content and Facebook Advertising.