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How Landing Page Designs Enhance Search Engine Optimisation

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Generating traffic to your site involves intuitive creativity and a little work. The crux of it is converting the curious visitor into a customer for the products marketed. This is a matter of creating an aesthetic yet informative landing page optimisation design. The landing page design agency works to make this happen with a range of subtle to strong tactics, including but not limited to the ones discussed below.

Write clear main titles

Landing page optimisation services include an intricate number of strategies where title creation is concerned, but all are geared to achieve either of two objectives.

  • Make it so clear that there is no doubt regarding the product marketed or service offered.
  • Make it sexy, catchy or enticing in the hope that the audience sticks around after the initial curiosity to understand the intention.

For obvious reasons, the former option is the better choice of the two. With the latter, you risk ambiguity or incomprehension, which causes you to not achieve the purpose of the landing page design altogether. Taglines usage as complementary to the logo or brand name is also a tactic SEO designers swear by.

Focused Call to Action (CTA) phrase or line

The call to action is basically where the question why gets answered. It is important to not only follow design conversion rules in placing it on the landing page, but also imperative to make it effective. One such way is removing doubt as to why your product or service is not another market fraud strategy.

A sexy or catchy phrasing is likely to get attention because it is no secret; sex sells. However, to convert a curious bystander to a potential client, validate that phrase and get them clicking through. This makes for an optimal landing page design service.

Effective conversion design rules in designing the CTA.

As hinted, the Call to Action is the point at which a curious bystander becomes engaged or decides to move on. Validating it is just the beginning, the heart of it lies in the where and how you place it. It involves:

Use of white space.

Simply put, leave the background of the CTA phrase blank. It draws the eye to it as the brain ‘escapes’ from the clutter around other sections. Landing page optimisation services mesh psychology with art and a little common sense for great results.

Colour and contrast aspects.

Using blue ink for links gets a click on a link, orange is associated with friendly feelings, making the visitor to your landing page design at ease to read on. So does green..
Understanding what not to use is why contacting a landing page design service company is important. There are rules to follow and break. To declare red unusable will be a mistake because, at times, there is need to trigger some fear or other suitable emotional response depending on the circumstances.

Directional cues.

Our mind responds to subtle and direct direction giving pointers. You are likely to follow the gaze of a man in the street staring at something, but more prone to be arrested by the arrow pointing to where the action is. Clever use of both cues in one landing page design is a matter of discretion to the landing page optimisation services contractor.

Informative, well organized content

The advent of ‘content is god’ in SEO is here, and any seasoned expert will confirm it. Giving your audience information is important. The landing page is no different. Since this is the first experience a visitor has on your site, making it worth their time is a sure way to getting them interested in knowing more.

It is, however, not just information for the sake of it. Incorporating some wisdom makes for a more than mediocre experience. For example, a form to collect data for the purchase of the product must reflect the value of the product. Imagine if you were purchasing an a recipe book and the author requires that you specify your level of experience in cooking. This is likely to put you off placing an order.

In addition, use modal dialogs instead of citing links to your web page.

Contact a validated land page design agency such as Move Ahead Media for more design tips.