Suburb Search AdWords Campaigns

Really effective AdWords campaigns are very specifically targeted. One of the most important variables is to ensure you are targeting the correct geographical area. There are two effective ways to do this: 1. Set the geographical area you want to target, and 2. Target specific geographical key terms for your desired territory. The second one requires the use of suburbs within key terms as an exact match or a modifier for your campaign.

Did you know there are over 13,000 Recognisable Australian suburbs in Google AdWords Map API? Does your business thrive off local AdWords enquiries? How do you or your AdWords agency effectively target these and manage them without incurring too much time or too bigger cost to build the campaign? Move Ahead Media, as a qualified Google AdWords Agency, have created the Suburb Selector Calculator. This unique tool not only allows our clients to accurately select the suburbs they want to include but gives us the additional benefit of being able to manage the campaign effectively as well as continually test key word variations to ensure we achieve the best results.

How to Select Your Suburbs

Let Move Ahead Media use their expertise to build your suburbs campaigns, which will cover every blade of grass and every possible search term with our Suburb Selector Calculator.

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Select Your Suburbs

  1. Move the map to your desired area
  2. Click on a start point to select an area
  3. Click on additional map points until the correct target area has been highlighted
  4. If you’re an existing Move Ahead Media AdWords client please check the box
  5. Click Calculate
    -This will show you the set up charge to create your suburb campaign –**
  6. Now fill in your Name, Number & Email
  7. Hit the submit button and one of Move Ahead Media’s Suburb Specialist Team will provide you with additional information and the structure for you to make a decision to proceed with this new campaign.

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