Coconut Love

Great Review from One of Our Partner Clients – Coconut Love

Coconut Love

Move Ahead Media, an innovative Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing company brings to Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom their expertise in helping businesses rank on the first page of Google and other major search engines. Located in the heart of Australia, Move Ahead Media provides bespoke SEO package and services that suit online business owners who are looking for a reliable and efficient SEO company that can optimise their website, attract potential customers, increase revenue, and bring more exciting opportunities for their company.

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Apart from digital marketing, we also offer web design services which led us to a successful collaboration with a company that helps spread the love of coconut.

Coconut Love is found throughout the Pacific, Asia, and India. Their company is dedicated to educating and transforming everyone’s opinion about the miracle fruit coconut. Their mission is to inspire and educate about Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, and everything about the great uses of Coconut – from its delicious raw coconut meat and thirst-quenching water to its medicinal properties and uses. Coconut Love takes you on a healthy journey through their wide array of coconut products.

Move Ahead Media worked with the company to improve their clients’ exposure on the web through a better and user-friendly web and social media interface. With an extensive knowledge of web design and development, including web hosting, we were able to help Coconut Love engage and interact with customers in the most profitable way possible.

It is our belief that a website reflects what your company is all about and it helps you deliver information to your audience. Responsive Web Design, WordPress, Mobile Website, and Web hosting are one of the few aspects that we focus on to develop a company’s internet profile.

Move Ahead Media helped Coconut Love with their website design and their comment about our web design services is nothing short of overwhelming and remarkable. We were as overjoyed as they were when they found the completed website to be truly satisfying, and them recommending to us to their business colleagues and friends is reward enough. We are proud to have in our team the web designer that has made a lasting impression to Coconut Love. This validates the kind of people we have in our team – diligent, collaborative, deadline conscious, and ensures an open line of communication.

Move Ahead Media Guarantee

When you have a website, it is important to think about your client’s needs, which you would not serve during downtime. This will leave a negative impact and impression, resulting in potential customers turning to your competition. This is why you need a website that is 99.9% up and running, fully accessible 24/7.

Our client testimonials and client reviews tell the story: Move Ahead Media provides you with high-quality services for your web page and makes sure that your website is accessible at all times and easy to navigate. Rest assured that your data is kept organised and safe from hackers with the use of security protocols.

Our wonderful team of web designers, programmers, and developers can assist you with your website’s overall functions by building targeted content, improving plug-ins, and harvesting quality links to attract potential customers to your websites. Move Ahead Media is committed to improving your website by restructuring titles, tags, keywords, and other technical feature. Our special packages allow you to achieve an effective and attractive web design for your company.

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