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A Testimonial from a Satisfied Client – Hidden Door

Hidden Door

Move Ahead Media is an international search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing company that is located in Sydney, Asia, and United Kingdom. It started out in the United Kingdom in the year 2010 and was established to provide bespoke SEO services for small-sized entrepreneurs. There were already a lot of SEO companies but did not get a chance to deliver the results expected from them. Move Ahead Media, however, has the right tools and expert marketing professionals that helped them satisfy clients’ needs for a strong online presence. We bring to the table our in-depth knowledge and insights about SEO strategies by tailoring SEO campaigns for our partner clients.

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Hidden Door has provided clients outdoor activities for team building, entertainment, and incorporated with other events. The company’s business plan was first written at the back of a beer coaster but has now become a great success. The young and talented people behind Hidden Door want nothing else than to deliver a memorable shared experience among their clients. They aim to provide the best event planning and organisation services for the community, family, and corporate clients. With team building a key in creating a strong and collaborative team, the company continues to thrive.

Like any other search engine optimisation companies, Move Ahead Media planned and executed various marketing strategies to improve Hidden Door’s website presence. We worked with the company for 18 months, helping them rank in the first page of search results. Already, we have exceeded their expectations by increasing the volume of traffic to their website and by engaging potential customers so they will hire Hidden Door’s excellent services.

Today, we still manage to keep their website in its best status by planning new strategies and executing them. We report to them about monthly activities and the results we have gathered to give them an idea about the entire process. Move Ahead Media even discussed with them about recommendations we can do to improve their website and customer service as well.

Having had poor experiences with a number of SEO companies, the results we provided Hidden Door has definitely made them a believer that Move Ahead Media is different. We managed to make their website rank on page 1 with over 20 key search terms from the original 1 key term. The updates and new strategies that we offer them are an assurance that everything will continue to run smoothly. This is why Hidden Door wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Move Ahead Media where digital marketing is concerned.

What Move Ahead Media Offers

Our client testimonials and client reviews tell the story: we have SEO packages that are designed to provide small to large online businesses the opportunity to achieve top rankings in Google and other major search engines. We provide you with an optimised campaign where you will get the opportunity to reach out to your target audience and attract their attention, influencing their buying decisions to your advantage. We use Google Local, Google+, Social Media Platforms, and linking techniques to bring clients to the forefront of search engine results.

Should you want to employ our SEO services and packages, give us a call on +61 (0) 28 003 3921 or email us at info@moveaheadmedia.com.au.