Overwhelming Review from Our Satisfied Client – Parcel2Courier


Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Digital Marketing company, Move Ahead Media, has been in the SEO industry for 10 long years and has expanded to Asia, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Our outstanding SEO services have helped small entrepreneurs develop their business and increase their revenue. Our company offers trial campaigns and “Pay on Results SEO” for clients, to ensure that they get quality work done within their desired budget.

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We give our commitment to our partner clients by optimising their website and tailoring SEO campaigns to help achieve their company’s goals and objectives. Here at Move Ahead Media, we provide satisfaction to our clients in delivering outstanding results through our SEO services and marketing strategies.

Partnering with Parcel2Courier

Based in North Melbourne, Victoria, Parcel2Courier is an intermediary that connects “one off senders” or “business” with trusted courier companies. They offer their customers the option to click, pay and print courier shipping labels for sending parcels within Australia. Parcel2Courier will help you compare courier prices online and provide you with discounted parcel accounts to minimise your courier costs. They also make sure that their parcel services are set to the highest standards so that they can provide you with an excellent customer satisfaction.

Parcel2Courier has approached Move Ahead Media 2 years ago with a bit of scepticism, which was the result of having poor experiences with other SEO companies that have given them nothing but false hopes and broken promises. But ever since they have signed up for our SEO services, they have been a part of Google’s search engine high rankings. Our company continues to provide them with our in-depth knowledge about SEO strategies and help them promote their online business to increase its revenue.

Move Ahead Media is working with Parcel2Courier up until now. They constantly revise their Search Engine Optimisation plans based on changes in their business and Google updates and we always help them throughout the entire process. We have given them our full commitment by sharing our SEO expertise. Our company’s goal is to assist them with the changes they are making in line with their business and continue to support their online needs and goals.

Although Parcel2Courier was hesitant to work with us at first, they have now become one of our loyal clients. They said that Move ahead Media have always been attentive to their needs and very quick to respond to their queries. Their confidence in our abilities and customer service has made us one of the most highly recommended digital marketing firms.

Taking Your SEO Strategies to the Next Level

Move Ahead Media’s bespoke SEO strategies are designed to create a greater online presence for online business owners. We aim to achieve our client’s goals and to push them up to higher rankings to make their business successful. With an abundance of knowledge in sales, marketing, and company management, Move Ahead Media can definitely deliver results – our client testimonials and client reviews tell the story.

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