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After successfully running a combine print media and digital marketing campaign for a client in 2014 Move Ahead Media have launched Move Ahead Publications (MAP) in January 2015.

The concept of MAP is to combine digital marketing with print media for niche markets in the form of A5 handbooks or A4 reference books. Each book is targeted to recipients that are the target market of the theme of the book through distribution via expos and institutions within the relevant sector.

The aim of each book is to provide a handheld resource that also promotes the online resource in the form of a specific website. Using social media and SEO the business is promoted with targeted marketing across the sector.

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Current Projects
Print media & digital marketing

The Graduate Launch Pad
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The Graduate Launch Pad is targeted at international, high school and university students providing them with everything they need in order to connect with institutions and businesses that are relevant to all aspects of their student and working lives.

Through the Graduate Launch Pad website, students can do everything from browsing various universities and courses to industry focused training and career paths, relocating and housing through to activities and entertainment available within the areas that they are living in or are moving to.

The Graduate Launch Pad also provides advice regarding Student Services and Gap Year opportunities and ideas. It is our aim to provide a one stop service for students to utilise in order to aid their decision making processes throughout their education and as they come up to their finals and enter their post-grad life.

We will connect with students from High School Grade 11 to University Graduates through distribution at the careers expos and fairs, and directly at institutions (International and Australian) through social media across NSW, VIC, QLD and in Asia.

Home & Garden Sydney Local Directory
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Home and Garden is a magazine that is for local businesses to promote themselves in one of five areas in Sydney. Designed as a high quality coffee table book that will be retained and referred to for months and possibly years.

Limited to two suppliers of each service for each area our clients attain recommended status that builds trust and ensures that