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What Is Online Reputation Management and Why Is It Important?

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Gone are the days when the internet was a static platform for most companies. In the past, online businesses were only selling to passive customers. Expressing their voice and their opinions were still not available for them. These days, with the rise of social media, websites no longer look like a brochure. Consumers regularly post comments, feedbacks, complaints, and suggestions on web pages.

The aim of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is to manage the reputation of your brand, site, products, services, etc. on the internet. It involves looking at some aspects that make managing your online reputation difficult and providing appropriate solutions.

Consumers are talking about you!

Whether you are operating a small, medium or large-scale business, your prospective clients, consumers, and everyone else is talking about you and your product. They leave comments on your blog, tweet personal reviews of your products, or post their experience on the web about their business dealings with you. Some will leave positive reviews and others will post negative ones.

The first step of ORM is to analyse your keywords. By performing a digital audit, you will notice the top Search Engine Results (SERPs) will show news, reviews, and other localised information about you. Now, the goal of ORM is to make the content you pick to show up on a search engine in the order you want – the “bad” to be down in Google search rankings and make the “good” show up first.

Is online reputation management really important?

It is important to remember that negative reviews are viewed as more “credible” than positive ones on the internet. If you delay addressing negative reviews, the more potential clients will be able to view and click through them. Once people run a Google search about your company, these negative information will be the first one to show. This is why it is crucial that you act fast to remove “bad” reviews. Listen to what your customers have to say, positive or otherwise, and address them professionally and on time.

Not seeing any negative reviews in your SERPs? It’s time to hire a good and experienced online reputation management company. Let the ORM company track down negative feedbacks and suppress them before they go live and alive. This will allow you to concentrate on your web presence through SEO. Working on your SEO will help you create a positive presence on the web.

How can good Content Marketing techniques contribute to SEO Competitor Analysis?

Content Marketing is one of the integral parts of the SEO functions that involves SEO Competitor Analysis. In the process of content creation of SEO-friendly articles, there are keywords required to be cunningly added in the text that gets detected by search engines, leading to customers discovering the business website.

The process of creating content that is SEO friendly is crucial, since you need to please both the search engine algorithms and the visitors or readers of a website content. When content marketing is integrated into competition analysis methods, the competition’s popular and related keywords are scrutinised against your own. By doing this, you can find out what the most used yet appropriate keywords are.

You can also make sure that your content’s keywords get the most customer-related keyword searches to search engine results, and, therefore, getting more traffic than your competition. Figuring out how your client’s website compares to other top-performing sites in the same niche can help you develop an even better strategy to earn more traffic and ride along with your competitors’ strengths.

How can Move Ahead Media help you manage your online reputation?

Move Ahead Media has over 10 years of doing Search Engine Optimisation and Online Reputation Management for both local and international companies in the various industries, such as Yamaha and Novotel Hotels.

Move Ahead Media’s Custom Made SEO Services include packages to help you manage your business’ online reputation. As your partner, we will do digital auditing of your keyword searches to identify obstacles and bad reviews. We will devise and outlay tailored strategies to suit your needs and budget.

Our Custom Made Campaigns will help improve your internet presence and help you achieve brand reputation and page one rankings in Google and other search engines. Our Onsite Optimisation service will help your website to rank successfully with your desired key terms. We will be your partner in content development, providing you access to our team of in-house professional copywriters. Let Move Ahead Media help you provide your customers and visitors informative, engaging, relevant, and interesting content.