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Responsive Web Design as an Instrument for Website Growth and Brand Exposure

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Responsive web design refers to a special digital approach that aims at optimising desktop webpages and websites to remain viewable and usable when accessed through various gadgets. It largely caters to offering the same kind of functionality and support for a single website and requires the same principles that ensure top quality design, performance, and content.

In this age of digital development, there are perhaps endless resolutions utilised by various websites to enable their visitors to conveniently receive and interact with their content. The practice of responsive web design is generally composed of utilising flexible layouts and grid designs, providing high-quality multimedia, and a module called “Media Queries”, which enables the site’s pages to respond to the size of a user’s screen.

Designing and optimising for various devices is meticulous and requires special focus on effective layout methods, clear and complete info structures, and other technical details that are crucial to the exposure of a website. Not only are business owners or profiting bloggers and authors prompted to improve their sites, alongside the steady rise of mobile use and development, but the benefits one can reap from responsive web design are plenty and useful for any company.

Listed under here are the top reasons why you should always ensure responsive web design for your website:

  • Responsiveness can help you reach your company target beyond traditional effort. Tablet and smartphone sales are predicted to reach up to a hundred million this year, which means that a responsive web design has become imperative to business growth.
  • As users no longer need site redirection, they will naturally be more at ease and more familiar with the website. Your conversion rates will double through consistent user experience enabled by consistent optimisation of design elements.
  • Visibility in search engines can be easily attained through single-focused website management. Time spent on maintenance can also be reduced, as responsive design effectively disables possible duplicate content. Since all top search engines prioritise sites that are optimised for mobile use, your brand can gain better chances of landing in localised search results as well.
  • Time saved also means money saved. Responsive designs eliminate the purpose of stand-alone mobile sites, so there’s a huge chunk taken off the time usually spent on setting up a website. There is less content to look through, improve, and maintain, and owners can reuse styles and designs.

The burgeoning demand for mobile sites calls for a unified strategy that encompasses all the crucial factors that dictate the success of a website’s reach and a company’s growth. However, a responsive web design is no easy feat to achieve.

Basic Tips in Applying Responsive Web Design and How Move Ahead Media Can Help

Whether you look towards learning how to personally optimise your website or you plan to seek professional help, it’s important to take note of the tips to follow:

  1. Work on how you can improve site navigation. Design should work efficiently and consistently within the limitations posed by smaller screens, which is why your choices for navigation must be simplified – think of dropdowns, internal page links, or menus that are collapsible.
  2. Organise your content before you create your design. The content structure needs to be understood as a separate entity for site growth. Figuring out what kind of primary and important information you should feature on your site can help you think of the design’s bigger picture. It will be easier for you to design around the content that’s already thoroughly organised and presented.
  3. Power your pages by deciding on a wise choice for a typeface, using only the keywords that are related to your site, and not being afraid of having a lot of minimal space throughout your layout. Try to test the responsiveness of your website through prototypes as well.

It’s natural to come across difficulties amidst creating the ideal and responsive design for your website. This is where our team here at Move Ahead Media comes in to offer professional and expert services in primary and advanced website building. What we vastly offer is mainly concentrated on driving website usability to impressive ratings.

Our team of builders can help you create a design that adheres to the values of your brand while sticking to the target audience, and our copywriters can work with you while you think of your content. Our special campaigns can also help gain more prominent web presence through independent Class C websites and curation or creation of images and videos.

Take a quick look at all our offered services to see which ones suit your website needs!