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Introducing Our Free PPC Audit

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Introducing Our Free Google Ads Audit Service

If you want to make your marketing budget stretch as far as possible, you need to monitor the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. That means comparing your strategy with your competitors, carrying out comprehensive keyword research frequently, analysing data points ranging from your impression share to click-through rate, and much more. Admittedly, auditing your Google Ads account and strategy can be a time-consuming task. You need the services of a trained professional to take a detailed audit of your AdWords campaigns so that you can optimise your long-term strategy and maximise your return on investment. That’s where our experts come in useful.

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How We Perform Comprehensive Google Ads Audits

At Move Ahead Media, we’re a long-established digital agency with a dedicated in-house team of Google Ads experts. Our professionals know how to get your company in front of as many of your potential customers as possible. They also possess the required skills to monitor the performance of your campaigns, produce detailed reports, examine the activity of your competition, determine which search terms will generate the highest conversion rates, and more. If you want to take your company to new heights and spend your marketing budget wisely, you should give us a call.

When carrying out your Google Ads audit, we take many factors into consideration, such as:


We take a detailed look at how much, on average, you pay each time somebody clicks on your advert. This data is referred to as cost-per-click (CPC). Are you paying too much for terms that have a low conversion rate? Are you solely aiming for high-volume keywords that can eat into your budget without providing a return? Let our experts examine the CPC of all your ads, and we’ll find a way to minimise your costs while maximising your return.


Some people execute Google Ads campaigns in order to generate sales. For other companies, Google Ads is all about building brand awareness. If you want to get your company in front of millions of your potential customers, you need to pay attention to CPM, which refers to how much you pay for every thousand views of your adverts. Our experts can determine whether your company is better off paying per click or per impressions, depending on your goals and budget. Call us, and we’ll tell you more about building brand awareness via Google Ads over the phone.

Impression Share

It’s crucial to look at your impression share if you want to outpace the competition regarding Google Ads. How many times has your advert appeared when compared to how many times it was eligible to appear? If you have any low-performing keywords or adverts, we’ll find out what the problem is and find a solution, preventing you from wasting any more money than necessary.


Even if your adverts get seen by millions of potential customers, they won’t prove very useful if they don’t encourage people to click on them and visit your website. Have you optimised the content within your adverts to maximise your click-through rate (CTR)? Have you looked at ways to improve your landing pages to convert readers into customers? Mastering the intricacies of Google AdWords takes years. If you’d rather focus on your core business while an agency expert does the hard work on your behalf, we’d love to hear from you.

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At Move Ahead Media, we’ve been helping businesses optimise their Google Ads campaigns for over a decade, and each time the process starts with an in-depth and free audit. Because we’re a Premier Partner with Google, you can feel confident that we have the skills, knowledge and resources to complete an effective audit on your Google Ads strategy. Once we’ve highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns, our experts can make enhancements to help you outshine the competition and increase your revenue stream via Google advertising.

We recently opened our office in Sydney after providing quality and high-value digital marketing services in Thailand and the UK for years. Best of all, our AdWords audits are completely free of charge. Find out how we can help your company by calling the team of professionals at our leading agency in Sydney today.

Get your Digital Marketing Strategy Audit with
an Experienced Digital Strategist.

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