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SEO or search engine optimisation is the fuel that keeps the engine running, as far as your online business is concerned. Without SEO, you might be able to move your business forward, but not towards your desired direction. This is a very important reminder that every online business and website owner has to understand. Just because you are moving, does not mean it gets you any closer to your goals. An SEO Website Audit is designed for this same purpose. As with any type of auditing job, your aim is to identify if there are any errors, where those errors are, and devise ways to correct those errors.

What is an SEO Website Audit?

An SEO audit is a comprehensive website analysis that provides insight into the current on-page and off-page SEO strategies. The inclusion of the term SEO provides focus to the auditing to be done with an aim to improve on the SEO performance.


To give you an idea, performing an audit to your website’s SEO must cover the following components:

  • Backlink Competitive Analysis: This form of audit determines the quality of the backlinks that you currently have on your website. In addition, you will also be analysing the backlinks of your competitors. You can use this information to determine how you can obtain the same quality of backlinks that your competitors have.
  • Poisonous Link Analysis: This phase of your SEO audit will aim to weed out the spammy links or link farms that point to your website. These types of links can be harmful to your SEO campaign; hence, you need to identify and remove them.
  • Keyword Analysis: This step is where you will determine if you are using the right keywords to optimise your website for Google. In addition, it will also help you identify competitive keywords from your competitors that you can incorporate into your own SEO strategy.
  • Site Speed Analysis: The speed at which your website loads is crucial in determining the success of your website SEO. Hence, it is recommended to perform regular checks to ensure that you are not losing traffic and customers, because of your website speed (or lack thereof).
  • Content Audit: The keyword analysis is directly tied up with website content analysis. It is not enough that you focus on building quality content for your website – you have to optimise them with the right keywords so that Google, and your readers, can find them.


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3 Benefits of SEO Audit

Based on the information above, you should have an idea on what an SEO audit entails. Before you look for SEO services that can help you with this new marketing plan, you have to understand why it is worth the investment for your business.

Identify Current SEO Weaknesses

While most website owners focus on what they can do to improve SEO performance, this is far more important: identify SEO activities that are not performing well. Simple mistakes, such as neglecting to add relevant keywords on your meta descriptions or image tags, can hurt your website performance. Perhaps you did not incorporate social media sharing buttons to your posts? Simple lapses like this can be easily overlooked due to the amount of things to account for when doing SEO. When you identify these issues, you will have the chance to correct them.

Study Your Competitors’ Strengths

Performing an audit of your website’s SEO performance should not be about you alone. It requires you to step out and look at what your competitors are doing. The aim is to identify SEO activities that your competitors excel at. For example, are they getting link from authority and relevant websites? If you want to obtain that link too, you have to know what they are doing to achieve this. Your goal is to gather information that you can incorporate into your own SEO plan.


Create a Sense of Focus in Your SEO Strategy

This is where it all comes down to – you must have a focus with your SEO campaign. Don’t spread yourself out too thinly. You have to focus your resources on SEO activities that bring the most results. If you are a small business owner, this becomes more important due to your limited resources. You have to know where to focus your time, energy and resources on to achieve the results you want.

A professional company specialising in SEO Audits in Sydney can simplify this process for your business, You should leverage these services to allow your online business to compete.

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