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Introducing Our Google Shopping Ads Service

Online shopping, otherwise known as ecommerce, is very popular in Sydney and across Australia. Millions of consumers across the country prefer to buy products online rather than head to the crowded streets. By searching for products online, consumers can find and purchase what they want almost instantly. For that reason, regardless of how small or large your ecommerce company is, you need to take advantage of the benefits of Google Shopping. Thanks to Google Shopping ads, you can get your products in front of the eyes of millions of people on Google’s search engine results pages, allowing customers to view your offerings without even having to click through to your website.

However, in order to get the most from your adverts, you need to get to grips with the features of Google Merchant Centre and Google Manufacturer Centre. You also need to understand the pricing structure and how to maximise your return on investment. If you develop and execute a well-researched strategy, you could use Google Shopping to increase your market share, generate online sales 24 hours a day, outpace the competition and much more. Admittedly, ensuring your adverts actually appear on the search engine results pages and attract attention can be challenging, unless you partner with the ecommerce experts at our leading digital agency in Sydney.

How Google Shopping Ads Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Company

At Move Ahead Media, we’ve been helping businesses from all corners of the globe maximise their online exposure for over a decade, and Google Shopping is one of our areas of expertise. If you take advantage of Google Shopping, you can make sure customers can view your products on Google above the search results. Provided you create enticing and highly targeted adverts, you can almost guarantee a return on your investment.

First, it’s crucial to analyse your competitors to see how they execute their ecommerce advertising strategies. Our job is to create adverts filled with content that look more appealing than your competitors. It’s also essential to examine data points such as average price per bid per product to see where and how you can make a significant return on your marketing investment.

Understanding the ins and outs of Google Shopping for ecommerce can be challenging, especially when you have so many other core business tasks to juggle. Fortunately, our in-house agency experts can do all the hard work on your behalf, from creating your ecommerce catalogue to uploading content and developing a strategy that targets consumers at every stage of the online buyer’s journey.

Some of the benefits of Google Shopping for ecommerce companies in Sydney include:

You can feel confident that thousands of your potential customers are searching for your products online. If you’re a retailer and have yet to create a Google Shopping account, you’re missing out on the chance to capture your fair share of the market. Let our experts create adverts that will be seen by your customers before the search results, and you can feel confident you’ll generate more sales.
List your products online and make it possible for people to order them, and you can generate sales outside of business hours. Moreover, there’s no need to hire additional employees to become a 24-hour ecommerce retailer.
Advertise your products online and you’re not limited to selling to customers in Sydney. You could market and sell products to people throughout Australia. You may even be able to break into international markets if you harness all the opportunities that digital marketing and Google Shopping have to offer.
By getting your products in front of online users time and time again, you can boost your brand awareness and become a recognisable name, which could lead to increased sales over the long-term. Moreover, if you can attract more customers to your website, you’ll boost your SEO impact in the process. If you want to utilise Google Shopping to transform your ecommerce brand into a household name, you should learn more about our AdWords shopping ads service.

When creating your Google Online Shopping adverts, you need to remember that consumers will be able to compare your products with similar products offered by competitors. That means you need to analyse pricing, product listings, images, and much more. Fortunately, our agency experts excel in Google Shopping optimisation. We’ll make sure your product listings make your company outshine the competition.


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Learn More about Our Google Shopping Service

At Move Ahead Media, we’ve been helping companies reach new heights using Google Shopping for so long that it has become second nature to us. We know how to analyse a broad range of data points to develop an effective long-term strategy that will help you outpace the competition and increase your market share. We also know how to create compelling product listings that feature images, reviews, pricing details, and much more to maximise your click-through and conversion rates. If you don’t want to take any risks when it comes to your marketing budget, you should choose Move Ahead Media to manage your Google Shopping account.

In addition to Google Shopping, we specialise in SEO, social media advertising, content marketing, PPC advertising, Bing Ads, retargeting, banner ads and so much more. We can develop and execute a long-term strategy that combines all the essential aspects of digital marketing to transform your company into a huge success on the web. By leveraging our expertise, you can reap the rewards of online marketing while a professional does the hard work on your behalf for a cost-effective price. We’re widely considered to be leaders in our industry thanks to our proven track record of success in Australia, Thailand and the UK.

If you’d like to learn more about Google Shopping or want to find out how we can enhance your current strategy to maximise your return on investment, we’d love to hear from you.



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