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Create a mobile app for your business, and you’ll have a powerful marketing tool that can help you enhance customer service, expand your reach and increase sales. But in spite of how beneficial it can be to build an app, most businesses are yet to take advantage of them – which provides you with a highly lucrative opportunity.

At Move Ahead Media, we’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in iOS and Android app development for all industries, including travel, healthcare and education. And, with countless satisfied clients from all corners of the globe, you can feel confident that we can exceed your expectations.

We can build an app according to just about any style and functionality requirements. Live chat, photo galleries, surveys, banners, customised email reporting, calendars, and website reporting are just some of the features that can be included in your app. Take advantage of our app development services in Sydney, Australia, and you’ll not only demonstrate innovation to your customers but also gain the upper hand over many of your competitors.

Create an application today to learn ways to improve your online presence, maintain open communications with customers and outshine your competitors, before apps just like yours flood the marketplace.


Advantages of Building an App for
and iOS with Move Ahead Media

Traditionally, bespoke app development has been reserved for large companies with huge revenue streams. At Move Ahead Media, we’re here to change that, enabling just about any business to harness the benefits of mobile and desktop apps. And, we can have your bespoke app up and running within the space of a few weeks – all for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay a highly experienced agency like ours.

With banner ads and email marketing functionality, you can reach existing customers and app users with targeted communications. You’ll also be able to use analytical insights to refine your website content to increase your traffic. Better still, as an agency that provides exceptional support services, we can help you make sense of your data and handle optimisation on your behalf, ensuring you never fall behind the curve.

Your customers will love your mobile app because of the ease it provides them. Using one application (without having to remember any URLs), your customers can purchase products from you, communicate with you from anywhere in the world, sign up to newsletters, and download marketing materials. In short, by taking advantage of our Android and iOS app development service, you can maximise your reach, generate new customers, keep in touch with prospects and clients, and outpace the competition.


So, why is Move Ahead Media the right Android and
iOS app development
agency for your company?

We have an in-house team of mobile app developers, enabling us to keep our costs to a minimum and pass the savings onto you. You’ll also secure peace of mind that a team of experts is creating an app that will work wonders for your company.
As an agency with nearly two decades of experience under our belts, no iOS or Android app development task is beyond our capabilities. Our mobile app developers use the most innovative and advanced app development platforms to create feature-rich, user-friendly and attractive apps. Regardless of what you need for your company, you can count on us. Chat, weather displays, web and email reporting, banner advertising, contact forms and surveys are all features that can be included in your company app. Give us a call, and we’ll tell you how we can create an app that will elevate your company to new heights.
We’re a forward-thinking agency that settles for nothing less than 100% satisfaction with every client we serve. That’s why we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the final result, which could be ready to launch in the space of a few weeks. Furthermore, we aim to provide the most cost-effective iOS and Android app development service in the nation. If you want to work with an application development company that promises fast turnaround times, exceptional results and unbeatable high-value prices, you needn’t look any further than Move Ahead Media.

4 Stages of
App Development

At Move Ahead Media, we aim to make everything as straightforward as possible for you. But we also take a collaborative approach to bespoke iOS and Android app development to ensure we achieve your goals. Our process includes four key stages, which are:

First, we create an initial brief to guarantee the result ends up being a fantastic app, both for you and your customers. Then, we transform that brief into a workable strategy, which involves researching your brand, competition, customers and goals. After finalising the strategy, we can determine which technologies to use and how we’ll measure success.
Our mobile app developers will work closely with you during the pre-design process, enabling them to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives.
When you’re happy with the blueprints for your new app, we’ll get underway with bringing it to life. We can create a bespoke app by using your preferred template and colour scheme, or we can customise a template to make your app truly unique.
At this stage of app development, we’ll add all the features you require to your company app while ensuring it provides an exceptional user experience. We’ll only move onto the next stage when you’re 100% happy with the design of your app.
Now that your app is ready for use, we’ll help you get it in front of as many eyes as possible. In addition to being one of Australia’s leading app development companies, we specialise in just about all forms of online marketing. We’ll analyse your customers to create an effective marketing strategy that will bring you a return on investment in no time.
You’re not obligated to partner with us for online marketing following the launch of your app. However, if you want to let a team of experienced experts maximise your reach, we’re the company for the job.
We’re an app development agency that takes great pride in providing a high level of customer service. If you have any questions or ever need help with your app, our mobile app developers are just a phone call away. Our professionals can optimise your company app on an ongoing basis to maximise its effectiveness. We can also analyse a wide range of data points to help you appeal to new customers, retain the trust of existing clients, enhance your communications and improve the performance of your website.

If you’re ready to build an app that almost guarantees to take your company to new heights, we hope to hear from you. Give our expert app developers a call, and we’ll gladly tell you more about the benefits of app development, our process and how we can help you.

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