Google Display Advertising

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Google has revolutionised the digital advertising industry. To this day, the search engine giant’s advertising services set the standard for digital advertising. And with ads appearing in over a half million apps and over two million websites, their display advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers across the web.

For advertisers looking to increase their sales and grow their company, Google Display Advertising offers the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your ideal clients. Best of all, the Google Display Network enables advertisers to reach customers beyond Google. Within their network are online news publishers, blogs, YouTube and more, which makes it possible for advertisers to reach 90% of internet users world-wide.

The different types of Google Display ads

There are four different types of ads available with Google Display Advertising. These include the following:

Text based ads

These are like ads you see at the top of Google Searches. They include a headline, a few lines of text about your product or service, and the link to your website.

Gmail ads

Want to reach customers in their inbox? Gmail ads appear alongside the emails of your potential customers’ and can be saved or forwarded by the prospect.

Banner ads

These type of ads demand attention by displaying across the top of websites as a banner. What’s more, these ads can be customised with animations, interactive components and much more.

App ads

Not only can you target specific mobile app categories with Google Display’s App campaigns, but you can also measure the performance of ads you are running within Apps.

Optimise your Google Display Advertising

Move Ahead Media’s Google Display Advertising experts have decades of experience setting up, managing and optimising campaigns. For advertisers and business owners who want to utilise our experience to gain a positive ROI fast, get in touch today.