Google Remarketing Services

Google advertising has enormous benefits for companies of all sizes. It has enabled business owners to reach new customers in the digital world and grow their companies. If you have tested Google advertising for yourself, you likely know how it can give your organisation a clear advantage. But you may not be utilising all the advertising capabilities Google has to offer.

Google Remarketing Services enable business owners to reconnect with potential customers who did not make an immediate purchase. This service is not only incredibly cost effective, but it is also a fantastic way to boost brand awareness.

What exactly is Google Remarketing Services?

Have you ever visited a website and then noticed ads from this very same website following you around the web? This is essentially remarketing. The ad gently reminds the prospective customer about your business, which helps build trust and eventually helps transform that prospect into a customer.

How do Google Remarketing Services work?

When a website visitor meets your criteria, a cookie will be placed on their device or computer. Then, as that user browses the web, their cookie ID will enable you to serve specific ads to them with the purpose of converting them into a customer or reengaging them with your brand.

With Google Remarketing Services you have many ways to control which type of user is served your ad. For example, you can target website visitors who landed on a specific website page or viewed a particular section of your site, but who didn’t purchase from you or sign up for your newsletter. You can also control how many times a day an ad is served to a prospect on your remarketing list and the duration (weeks, months, etc.) an ad will be shown to the list.

To succeed with Google Remarketing Services, you must provide highly relevant content to the prospect and ensure your ad contains some type of benefit that will lure the visitor back to your site.

Benefits of Google Remarketing Services

There are many benefits to remarketing, a few which include:

  • Better conversion rates because prospects get more comfortable with your business the more they see your ads.
  • Increased brand awareness because prospects are more likely to remember your company with increased ad exposure.
  • Highly targeted advertising that targets customers based on their location, age, gender, etc. which helps convert prospects into customers.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from Google Remarketing Services, contact Move Ahead Media today.

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