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Digital Marketing News Topics Week 17 2024

Welcome to our blog! Whether you’re a digital marketing pro or just curious, we’ll let you in on all the latest and exciting updates in our industry every week. Let’s get started.

Workspace Updates From Google Cloud Next ‘24

At the recent Google Cloud ‘24 Event in Las Vegas, they announced more than 200 hundred updates! But for this blog, we are focusing on the main 5 for Workspace. Aparna Pappu, the GM and VP of Workspace launched their newest app, Google Vids. 

Google Vids will sit along Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google Vids is an AI-powdered video creation tool for work! Imagen 2.0, their most advanced text-to-image technology, will help businesses use images that match their specific brand requirements. Generating a storyboard is now easier than ever. However, as exciting as that sounds, it is only available in Vertex AI at the moment. It will be released to Workspace Labs in June. 

Google Meet can now also automatically translate captions into more languages. This will help the world communicate with 52 languages being added to the app!

They’ve added AI Security that protects sensitive data in the company-wide Google Drive. It lets IT teams identify, classify and protect the data using privacy-preserving AI models. Training these models involves using organisation-specific data. This enables ongoing evaluation, classification, and protection of files.

Sheets is getting a new tables feature so you never have to build a spreadsheet from scratch again! It will provide sleek and updated design templates for your data. It will feature everything from project management to inventory organisation. 

Docs is also getting an upgrade with a new Tabs experience. You can soon organise related information in a single document! You can also personalise them with cover images that fit your brand.

Last but not least, Gmail now has voice prompting! Users can not use their voice to send emails from their Gmail mobile apps. They will also be adding an instant polish feature coming to Gemini in Gmail. This will help transform notes into a more complete email drive in a single click. No prompts needed! 

As Google Partners, we are so excited about these announcements! To find out how you can experience these innovations, visit the link below:

Source: https://blog.google/products/workspace/workspace-cloud-next-2024/

Improvements in ChatGPT's API and Custom Model Program

OpenAI recently made some exciting announcements. They’ve added new features designed to help developers have more control over refining their AI models. 

Their API now includes more advanced features and enhancements. Epoch-based checkpoints are added to improve model training precision. They also expanded their custom model program which lets organisations access fine-tuning assistance. Creating models tailored to their specific needs has now become easier. They have also added enhanced compatibility with third-party platforms to make the APO more versatile.

These advancements fix the accuracy and efficiency of AI implementations across various industries. It enhances customisation to meet specific business needs. 

OpenAI hopes that these changes will streamline the development process. Soon, making AI deployments will be easier than ever. 

These updates are crucial for digital marketing agencies like Move Ahead Media.  It enables the creation of more tailored AI solutions for precise marketing goals. It allows us to make efficient data analysis and campaign management. Above all else, it gives us an advantage. We use it to make innovative marketing strategies and improve results for you.

You can read the full article on OpenAI’s blog below for more detailed insights.

Source: https://openai.com/blog/introducing-improvements-to-the-fine-tuning-api-and-expanding-our-custom-models-program

Google Demand Gen Campaigns Gets New AI Image Tool

Google has introduced new generative image tools for Demand Gen advertisers. It creates high-quality, original image assets efficiently with just a few clicks. These tools include a feature to generate variations of successful images. Imagine the opportunities to enhance campaign creativity and effectiveness. 

Advertisers also maintain full control over the selection of these AI-generated images. This helps ensure they align with their specific marketing goals and brand identity. 

Here’s what Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison, has to say about it. “You can create new images using prompts, or take your existing performing image assets and “generate more like this” to test similar options.”

This advancement shows the growing integration of AI in digital marketing. This promises significant time and cost efficiencies.

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-ai-generated-images-demand-gen-campaigns-37238.html

No More Draft Reviews For Google Maps

Attention: Starting 16 July 2024 review drafts will no longer be supported on local business listings and Google Business Profiles. Drafting reviews and all existing drafts will be removed from your account. After that date, you cannot save new drafts on Google Maps. 

They recently sent emails to people who have one or more unpublished reviews to inform them of this change. 

What does this mean? You might see a spike in new reviews over the coming days. Users will likely start looking at their drafts and publishing them all. 

Move Ahead Media offers GBP management services where we can help you monitor, optimise and maximise your presence on Google Maps. Contact us for more details. 

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-maps-dropping-draft-reviews-37241.html

Token Management on Search Console Made Easier

Google announced that they are rolling out further improvements to Search Console’s user and permission management. This will incorporate capabilities related to unused ownership tokens management. In addition to the 2023 improvements to the user permission management report, the latest changes will help the accuracy and reflect the actual state of unused ownership tokens.

For reference, tokens are codes used for website ownership verification in Google products.

It often happens that these are accidentally left behind after owners have moved on. This update lets you remove them so that they cannot regain access to the property. 

Verifying an unused ownership token can now be done by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Users and Permissions interface
  2. Click “Unused Ownership Tokens”
  3. Click “Remove”
  4. Click “Verify Removal” to get the update (see screenshot below)

So what do we suggest as a best practice? Move Ahead Media recommends including this in your offboarding process. When a person leaves, always remove the verification tokens connected to them. This will make managing permissions in Search Console much easier. 

If you need support on this matter, feel free to contact us.

Source: https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2024/04/search-console-ownership-token-management?hl=en


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