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Digital Marketing News Topics Week 16 2024

Move Ahead Media is back with our Weekly News Round Up. This week, we will help clarify status code errors and share some new insights from Google’s CEO. We will also talk about Alphabet’s big moves – possibly acquiring big names such as HubSpot and Reddit! And lastly, TikTok introduced two new controls to give advertisers more control. 

Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketing professional or curious about what’s happening, this blog is for you! Let’s start.

404 vs 401: Which Is More Important In SEO?

For over two decades, there has been a debate between using a 404 or a 410 error status code for missing pages. But Google’s John Mueller has finally weighed in. He says that the difference between the two is minimal and inconsequential for SEO purposes.

For reference, 401 error page indicates that the user is unauthorised to access the requested resource. This typically occurs when authentication credentials are missing or incorrect and the server requires valid credentials for access. A 404 error page signifies that the requested resource could not be found on the server. It’s essentially the “page not found” message users encounter when they navigate to a URL that doesn’t exist or has been moved or deleted.

Mueller commented in a Reddit discussion, “It doesn’t matter. The difference in processing of 404 vs 410 is so minimal that I can’t think of any time I’d prefer one over the other for SEO purposes.”

This helps clear up a lot of different perspectives on the matter. Here’s a quick timeline:

2009: 410s were considered more permanent
2010:  Then there was a belief that 410s were quicker
2012: Mueller mentioned that Google treats both 404s and 410s identically.
2014: They clarified that 410s were immediate, with 404s experiencing a 24-hour delay.
2021: Mueller reiterated that either option is acceptable. They also hinted possibly introducing 404 vs 410 reporting in Search Console.
2024: It does not matter because the difference is minimal. 

This demonstrates the evolving nature of SEO discussions. We know it’s hard to keep track of all these changes. That’s why Move Ahead Media stays on top of the game to make sure are client’s don’t have to worry. Leave your SEO to us and focus on what you do best.

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/googledifferences-between-410-404-minimal-37205.html

Google’s CEO on Search and Search Generative Experience

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, spoke at the 2024 Business, Government & Society Forum at Stanford University.  He shared insights on the future direction of Google Search. He also discussed the evolution towards a Search Generative Experience or SGE. SGE is driven by AI, highlighting how artificial intelligence has been transforming Search for years.

Pichai said that Search has moved beyond just providing “10 blue links”. It now uses AI to offer featured snippets and web answers for various queries. Despite this change, Google remains committed to its mission of organising the world’s information and providing trustworthy results.

Some think that AI-generated answers will cause problems  about user engagement with websites. However, Pichai assured that Google aims to balance providing direct answers and surfacing diverse opinions from the web. He reiterated that AI presents opportunities to improve search quality and user trust.

Understanding the direction of Google Search is crucial for SEO practitioners. AI will continue to reshape search results. However, criticisms of search quality and SGE answers indicate ongoing challenges in maintaining user trust and relevance. Search rater guidelines are one way Google is addressing these concerns.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/live/Y7Il8I9Hb7s?feature=shared&t=4713

TikTok’s New Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity Controls

At Move Ahead Media, we’re all about creating a safe and positive environment for our client’s brands on TikTok. That’s why we’re excited about the latest updates from the platform.

TikTok is introducing new features like Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity controls. These options give advertisers more say over where their ads appear. With Category Exclusion, brands can avoid certain content categories while ensuring their messaging stays consistent. Vertical Sensitivity lets advertisers exclude content that doesn’t align with their brand positioning.

On top of that, they have a new Brand Safety Hub in TikTok Ads Manager! This makes managing brand safety settings is now easier than ever. They are also partnering with trusted third-party measurement partners for independent assurance of brand safety.

These updates show TikTok’s commitment to providing advertisers with the tools they need to control their ad environments effectively. As a digital marketing agency, we’re excited to see how these changes will benefit our clients on the platform. For more information, visit TikTok for Business Brand Suitability and the TikTok Brand Safety Center. Or contact our team today!

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/business/en/blog/tiktok-launches-new-brand-safety-innovations

After the Google-Reddit Partnership, Will Google Buy Hubspot Next?

A few weeks ago, the Google-Reddit partnership changed how brands manage their online reputation. 

For google, this means they can now show real Reddit discussions in its search results. For brands, this means they need to handle the changes in online reputation management. They now need to be smarter about ensuring their online presence stays positive. Leveraging this partnership means brands can use platforms like Reddit to build trust with their customers.

But what’s next for Google? Apparently, Hubspot!

Reuters recently reported that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is thinking of buying HubSpot. HubSpot is a Boston-based CRM and marketing automation firm valued at over $33 billion. This rumour alone has caused HubSpot’s market value to rise.

If this deal happens, it’ll likely be expensive. News is that Google is offering more than HubSpot’s current value to convince them to sell. Google and HubSpot already work together on ads, which could have sparked talks about an acquisition.

But big deals like this are rare for Google. With tech companies cutting back and job cuts expected at Alphabet, it might not happen at all. Regulatory concerns could also be an issue. Still, it’s unclear if the deal will go through, but it’s something to watch!

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-reddit-brand-management-439616



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