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Reopening the Hospitality Sector

It was already hard enough to keep up with the rapid changing landscape of digital marketing to successfully advertise your business, and now the world has to navigate around a pandemic. We constantly hear information on Covid-19 and how much it has negatively affected the global economy, especially the travel and hospitality industry. As everyone [...] Read More

Google Shopping in Thailand

In sector after sector, retailers are being edged out of their own markets by the forces of digital disruption. Advertising online can make retailers more visible to today’s consumers. To really put themselves in a position to succeed, however, they should make full use of the world’s most powerful search engine: Google. Google Shopping displays [...] Read More

Is your website’s speed costing you money?

You just discovered a new business online that sells a product you want. You are excited about it and are ready to buy, so you Google the company’s name to see if they sell it on their site. Your Google Results return, and it turns out they do sell the product you want! You click on the link…but something seems off. The page isn’t loading. “Is there something wrong?” you wonder.

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